Why Buy Used?

You have two choices when it comes to buying your next Ford. You can decide to either pay the full price for a brand-new car or go with a used model. Though you might think that purchasing a shiny new Ford car, truck or SUV is the way to go, there actually are many different reasons why you should buy a used car. Here at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, we want our customers to always get the best deals that they can and a used car might be the best fit for their personal budget. We guarantee that you will have all of the facts you need about how a used car can fit your driving needs without breaking the proverbial bank before you leave Jack Powell Ford.



One of the biggest advantages that purchasing a used car brings you is saving a lot of money. This way, you will not have to be concerned about whether you can pay an automotive loan or afford all the bells and whistles a new model has. Our staff at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, will be happy to further explain how a used car can keep your costs to a minimum and help you travel down the road stress-free.

Overall Value

Another factor to consider is that the overall value of your brand-new Ford immediately begins to depreciate as soon as you head down the road. Though some vehicles have a slower depreciation rate than others, the typical situation is that a vehicle will lose about half of its overall value in the third year that you own it.

Choose From Different Brands

Deciding to go with a used car also means that you can select a model from a diverse range of vehicle brands. That means you can explore the used inventory of Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, and find Dodge, Hyundai, Buick and other brands that might fit your driving life. If you chose to buy a new vehicle, you only will be able to purchase ones that are under the dealership's brand.


Affordable Insurance

The value of your vehicle is what affects the price of your insurance. Buying a used car instead of a new Ford means that you will have insurance that potentially is more affordable for your lifestyle. You should consider that the higher the price of your vehicle, the higher your insurance payment will be if an emergency happens on the road. Our team at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, will touch on what insurance options are available to you when you buy a used car.

Here at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, we cannot wait to show you our vast inventory of used cars. Stop in and see us today!


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