Tips On Improving Gas Mileage

Our team at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, knows our customers love to embark on many different road trips to all sorts of destinations. Naturally, you will need to make sure your Ford is fueled up and has plenty of gas to get you where you need to go. That is why our staff at Jack Powell Ford has provided that four quick tips on what you can do right before you leave home to ensure that you get the most mileage from your Ford car, truck or SUV:

  • Replace Your Air Filter - Not only does your Ford need gasoline to operate, it also needs a specific amount of oxygen to get your engine properly running. Your air filter is there to remove any debris and dust before the air can mix with the existing gasoline. If your filter becomes clogged, the air flow will be restricted and your Ford will burn more fuel to compensate. By replacing your air filter, you will help ensure that the ratio of air and fuel stays accurate.

  • Correctly Inflate Your Tires - The tires of your Ford are designed to be filled to a specific level of PSI (the measurement of air pressure). If your tires are underinflated, then you will notice that your engine will work harder to get those soft tires turning. Our team at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, recommends properly inflating your tires because that will definitely help improve your fuel efficiency, potentially by 2 MPG or more.

  • Don't Let Your Ford Idle Too Long - Be careful about letting your Ford idle for too long before you hit the road. It should only need about a minute or so and if it is running without going anywhere, then you will just be wasting your fuel.

  • Replace Your Spark Plugs - Here at Jack Powell Ford, we suggest that you check out the condition of your spark plugs before you head out. They use gasoline to create force that moves the cylinders of your engine and they can misfire if they are dirty or corroded, causing a huge loss of your fuel. Swapping out your existing spark plugs for new ones can enhance the performance of your engine and help you save on gas. Our experienced service department at Jack Powell Ford will be happy to do so for you, so schedule your appointment today.

Here at Jack Powell, we hope that our customers find these tips useful and that everyone enjoys all the trips they take!


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