Ford Indicator Lights

The indicator warning lights found in your Ford model's dash are some of the most important tools you'll find in your vehicle. Jack Powell Ford, your Ford dealer near Dallas, knows that our customers should be aware of how important these lights are to follow and the meaning behind these lights. These lights provide crucial insight into the performance of your Ford's different systems. These warnings could indicate that one of these systems is engaged or it could mean that one of these systems is going through issues. Ford owners should be aware of the meaning behind these lights so problems can be handled as soon as they show up. The team at Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, is ready to help you fix these problems so your Ford can stay at peak performance.

ABS Warning Light

If this light is populating your dash area, then take your Anti-lock Brake computer in for an inspection. Pick a time for your service appointment at Jack Powell Ford, your Ford dealer near Dallas, and we can get your brakes back to optimal condition.

Battery Light

If your battery has a low voltage level, then you will see this light. This could stem from an issue with how your battery is charging or it could be a problem with the terminals of your battery. If you take a look for yourself and you can't find an easy solution for the problem, then our service department can assist you.

Braking System

If you are using your parking brake when your vehicle is running, then you will notice this light. If you do see this light on, make sure you check your parking brake. If your parking brake is not currently engaged, then you might be having a problem with your brakes or brake fluid that needs to be fixed.

Coolant Temperature Warning

This warning indicator will pop up if your Ford starts to overheat. Overheating will lead to a number of issues and probably stems from the fact that you don't have enough coolant in your engine. If you see this warning light, it might also be a problem with your engine fan or radiator.

Oil Pressure Warning System

When your oil gets low, then this light will populate your dash area. Engines can go through some awful problems if they don't have enough oil. You should make sure that you bring your vehicle into Jack Powell Ford, your local Ford dealership, for timely oil and filter changes so you don't have to worry about these type of engine problems.

Tire Pressure Warning

If one of your tires doesn't have enough air, then this warning will be lit. If that is the case, then pull to the side of the road safely and examine your tires for yourself. You'll be able to see if there is a hole in that tire or if it just a problem with temperature changes that can be fixed at a nearby gas station.

These lights are some of the most important warning signals that your Ford can give. If you happen to see any of these lights, then bring your vehicle into the Jack Powell Ford service station at your Ford dealer near Dallas so we can get your Ford repaired. Get complete peace of mind when you get your model serviced at Jack Powell Ford.


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