Connecting My Bluetooth


Your Ford dealer in Dallas is ready to help you sync your Bluetooth® up to your Ford. The Ford SYNC® 3 system is the most advanced technology that you will find in a Ford dashboard. If you are still having issues connecting your smartphone to your SYNC® 3 system, the team at your local Ford dealership will be glad to help you out. Follow these simple steps so you can sync your Bluetooth® to your favorite Ford model today.

1) Make sure that your Ford, phone, and radio are all turned on.

2) Enable your Bluetooth® and make your phone is discoverable.

3) Pick 'Add Device' on your SYNC® 3. Your synced devices will populate up on the screen.

4) Find SYNC® with your phone by scanning for devices.

5) Pick SYNC® on your phone. If you need a pin number, then the simple pairing option is not supported on your phone. You will be able to connect them via the pin on your touchscreen.

6) You should then receive a notification that your pairing process was a success.

7) Feel free to use 911 Assist and download your contacts to your SYNC® 3 if you would like.

Ask About Using Bluetooth

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